Rebel Base Collective Johannesburg Architects | Architecture from concept to completion | Interiors finessed spaces for Daily living | Making Furniture, Art, Products and installations I Building Bespoke, crafted construction |

We push the boundaries.
We make things you didn’t know you loved.
We change design. We design change.

Rebel CLCTV is a Johannesburg based, interdisciplinary, collaborative design and making collective. Our practice is strongly rooted in architecture and spatial innovation across all scales and conceptual understandings. These principles filter into our animation, graphic design, furniture making, manufacturing and research studios.

The Rebel CLCTV Group incorporates Rebel Base Collective, our design and architecture practice, Rebel Base Construction, which focuses on high-quality construction and skills development for artisans, and Rebel Atelier our fabrication LAB which develops furniture, bespoke art and innovative building components.

Rebel Base Collective is home to a young, critical and lateral-thinking team of talented designers, researchers and makers who strive for uncompromised excellence and new ways of design innovation. Our works have been lauded both internationally and locally for their excellence in design and cutting-edge thinking.